Our law office is showing our appreciation for the teachers in our community who work to help the youth grow and learn. We are hosting a Teacher of the Month Contest for Start High School to showcase the wonderful leaders that we have.

Learn about Chuck's favorite teacher from high school!

November’s Teacher of the Month was Mr. Jesse Squire. He was nominated via video submission by Start High  School senior, Precious Boyd-Murrell.

“Math is really hard for me, but it made it seem so easy…The way he [teaches] is easy to understand,” said Precious. When asked what Precious would say to Mr. Squire if she could say anything, she responded with a quick, “Thank you!”

When our office told Precious that her video was the winner of the Teacher of the Month contest, she was floored. Precious was so happy that her video won and she couldn’t wait to tell Mr. Squire that he would be receiving a prize.

See how to nominate a student of the month!

When we told Mr. Squire that he was receiving a $250 gift card to use on anything he wanted (just before Christmas), he was ecstatic, responding, “Just in time for Christmas!”

We look forward to notifying the future Teachers of the Month and seeing the smiles on their faces, along with the students who nominated them!



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