Woman Awarded Damages in Recent Lawsuit Over Shopping Cart Injury

A customer was awarded $258,000 after falling and injuring herself with a shopping cart in a major retailer's parking lot. While the seventy-four-year-old was moving across the store’s parking lot, the cart’s wheel became lodged into a crack, hurdling the woman forward onto the pavement.

She suffered facial lacerations from the fall and her shins were badly injured from hitting a bar on the bottom of the cart. Total medical expenses amounted to $48,000, and the woman is expected to recover after the incident.

Attorneys proved the company's negligence when designing their shopping carts, claiming the wheels were small and break down easier than others. These smaller wheels pose conflicts when trying to control the cart over small cracks and bumps on the department store’s pavement. The Plaintiff's lawsuit was tried and deemed favorable in court.

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