Shoot The Rapids Cedar Point Accident Details

Friday’s “Shoot the Rapids” Cedar Point accident sounds like a scene out of a movie. The terrifying accident occurred at 6:40 p.m. on Friday, July 19th as a “Rapids” boat went backward down a lift, and then overturned in the water of the ride. There were seven people trapped in the boat that was in the water chute, witnesses explaining that it appeared that some riders were submerged for a few minutes.

Six of the passengers on the Shoot the Rapids water ride were treated by Cedar Point paramedics, while the seventh was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center. They have since been released, but the extent of their injuries is unknown.

The Cedar Point Park officials said, “Rider operators stopped the Shoot the Rapids ride after a boat rolled back down the lift hill. Cedar Point police, EMS staff, ride operators and several park guests immediately responded and helped passengers exit the boat.”

2012 Shoot the Rapids Accident

This isn’t the first incident linked to the Shoot the Rapids ride. An Elyria man filed a lawsuit against Cedar Point three months ago for injuries he sustained in June 2012 while riding the Shoot the Rapids water ride. His boat was struck from behind by another boat, causing injuries to his head, neck, back and body.

Other Cedar Point Injuries

On Saturday, July 20th, a mechanic and a park visitor were injured. The mechanic fell while working on the Millennium Force, while the visitor had been a rider on the Gatekeeper and suffered a medical condition.

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