Seven injured on Cedar Point's water ride - Shoot The Rapids

Have you visited America’s Roller Coast – Cedar Point? Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio off the shores of Lake Erie. If you were there this weekend you would have seen that “Shoot the Rapids” water ride was closed Saturday following a serious boat malfunction that occurred on Friday that injured all seven of its riders.

Park officials had the ride’s nearby observation area blocked off while they inspected the ride. The ride malfunctioned about 6:40PM Friday, sending a boat backwards down its lift hill and overturning the boat and its riders into waist-deep water. Some individuals were trapped in the ride, witnesses said. Several Cedar Point park visitors jumped into the ride area to rescue people from the capsized boat until park staff arrived.

The six riders aboard the ride were treated and released by Cedar Point paramedics. One of the riders was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center located in Sandusky, Ohio.

The ride will remain closed until park officials and state inspectors finish reviewing it, according to a statement released by Cedar Point officials.

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