Red Light Cameras: Good or Bad for Motorists?

A new video has been published that calls attention to the issue of red light cameras at Ohio intersections. The video was published by the Traffic Safety Coalition and features some Toledo Police Department leaders, as well as Toledo Mayor Mike Bell.

The video highlights the benefits that red light cameras bring to the community. This comes at a time when the Senate is considering a ban on these cameras. If this red light camera ban passes, the cameras would only be in play to monitor 20-mph school zones if a police officer is present.

The video is asking lawmakers to not dictate to local communities what they can and cannot do, but rather help them to provide the safety mechanisms that are available. Mayor Donald Plusquellic of Akron explained how these cameras have significantly reduced the number of fatal accidents at intersections. The goal is to not write more tickets and raise more money for the city, but it is to reduce the number of accidents.

TPD Lieutenant Jeffrey Sulewski explained that he has given officers the advice that if they would not issue a citation for witnessing something on the street, and the red light camera has captured the same incident, they should not issue a citation after they watch the video.

 Toledo does not want to lose their red light camera program. There have been significant reductions in accidents at certain intersections. Below you will find the percent reduction of crashes in the following areas:

  • West Carrollton – 55% reduction in crashes
  • Springfield – 63% reduction in citations
  • Springfield – 47% reduction in crashes
  • Columbus – 74% reduction in right-angle crashes
  • Dayton – 35% reduction in red light running crashes
  • Toledo – 39% reduction in fatal red light running crashes
  • Parma Heights – 54% reduction in crashes

The photo enforcement cameras are meant to be a reminder to drivers to think about what they are doing and to drive safer. Mayor Mike Bell explains that the bottom line of red light cameras is safety, not money.

What are your thoughts on red light cameras? Do you think that they make Ohio roadways a safer place? Watch the Traffic Safety Coalition video here and leave your comments.


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