Recovering from Car Accident Injuries

It was November 10, 2012 when Ann Mooney’s life was impacted forever. She was driving down Smith Road in Ballville Township when a full-size Chevy Tahoe turned in front of your vehicle. The near-fatal collision caused Ann to be extracted from the vehicle and she was taken to the University of Toledo Medical Center via helicopter.

“I was in UTMC for I think 10 days and I had a lot of bones exposed that had been broken through the skin,” Ann explained. She then contacted our law firm after hearing recommendations from others regarding our legal services.

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Following the car accident, Ann said that she didn’t know what to expect. She then received the guidance of Mike Bruno. He visited Ann’s nursing home and explained the legal process to her. She said she felt very comfortable with him and that he seemed like he was part of the family already. This is something that our law office values as we believe in treating clients like they are our family and working as hard as we can to help them receive the justice that is deserved.

Car Accident Injury Process

After taking over Ann’s case, our law office dealt with the at-fault party’s insurance company. We were able to secure coverage for medical payments for Ann’s out-of-pocket expenses so she wouldn’t be worried about finances during her long recovery process.  

The injuries that Ann sustained from the accident included bleeding on her brain, multiple abrasions on her left forearm and left wrist from the car window, and a horrible open fracture to her right ankle and left femur, requiring seven surgeries to repair. Following the surgeries, Ann was then in an inpatient rehabilitation facility for two months.

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Ann said that throughout the legal process, she would seek answers from our law office. “I think any time we had a question or my husband had a question, we would call up and everything was answered very nicely, very quickly.”

Our law office prides ourselves on the attention that we give clients. We believe in creating a personal relationship and working on behalf of our clients as if they were our own family. If you have found yourself in the position where a personal injury lawyer is needed, call the Charles E. Boyk Law Office at 800.637.8170 and learn what your options are.

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