Police Cruise Slams into Wrecked Cars

A fatal crash in December involved a police cruiser slamming into the wreckage of an initial two-vehicle crash six minutes after it happened. The victims involved in the initial crash were almost all still in the vehicles that were hit by the police cruiser. The officer hit at least one of the cars in which an occupant told investigators that the collision literally knocked her out of the car.

Police Cruiser Strikes Vehicles after Wreck

The fatal crash involving the police cruiser happened on December 26. It involved a Chevy Malibu driven by 20-year-old Jordan Zatman. He slid on the icy road and crossed the center line, colliding with a Chrysler Concorde head-on. The occupants of the Chrysler were a family from Canfield including father and driver Richard Yager, mother Carol Yager, and passengers Mathew Yager and Caitlin Yager. Caitlin, just 19-years-old, died from injuries sustained in the accident.

On Monday, video was released of the crash from the cruiser’s dash cam. There were several discrepancies between the Highway Patrol’s press release on December 26 following the accident, and what witnesses and those involved say actually happened. This includes everything from whether or not the police cruiser struck one or two vehicles, as well as when Caitlin Yager died – whether at the scene of the accident or after being transported to a hospital.

Reports of Accident Inconsistent

An article posted in the Sandusky Registrar clearly explains all the discrepancies of information between reports. It also states, “Local officials could not explain the inaccurate information they previously provided,” regarding the collision, number of vehicles struck by the police cruiser, as well as other details.

The dash cam video of the accident is also available on the Sandusky Registrar website. We have also posted the video below for our readers.

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