Pledge to Drive Cell-Free with Charles E. Boyk Law Offices

As big proponents of distracted driving awareness and helping to put an end to the high number of accidents that occur on the roadways due to distraction, the Charles E. Boyk Law Office is asking readers to take the pledge to drive cell free.

The National Safety Council is running a Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign in which they ask individuals to take the pledge on their website to drive cell free. Readers can find various statistics and facts surrounding this dangerous habit that so many motorists have become accustomed to. Some of the stats and facts surrounding distracted driving and cell phones are below:

  • Hand-free cell phones are still dangerous
  • 90% of vehicle crashes are caused by driver error
  • 9% of motorists are on their phone at any moment in time on the road
  • 26% of vehicle crashes involve the use of cell phones

The Drive Cell Free Pledge asks motorists to do the below:

  • Stop using cell phones while driving
  • Recognize that hands-free phones are not safe
  • Understand that the brain is cognitively distracted when on the phone and driving
  • Inform others of the dangers surrounding to cell phone distraction behind the whell

Drivers who are cognitively distracted while on the phone while driving can fail to notice up to 50% of the driving environment. Imagine how many things that include – stop signs, red lights, pedestrians, other vehicles. This is a very serious statistic and we must join together in changing the norm.

Click here to take the National Safety Council Drive Cell Free Pledge.

Hands Free Phones are Still Dangerous

One of the more recent trends is for motorists to utilize hands free devices when driving. Our goal is to help spread awareness that these devices offer no safety benefit as the brain is distracted when in a conversation with another individual.

Read our FAQ – Are hands-free phones safe to use while driving? – to learn more about the dangers associated with cell phone conversations while driving.  We also recommend visiting the National Safety Council’s website to see the infographic Hands-Free is Not Risk-Free for an easy-to-understand overview of the subject matter.

Accident Caused by Distracted Driving

If you have been involved in an accident that was due to another driver’s failure to operate their vehicle safely that has resulted in the injury to yourself or a loved one, you should call a car accident lawyer.

If you would like to speak to one of the lawyers at our law office, call 800.637.8170. Our car accident lawyers will speak with you over the phone or in person, review your case, and guide you through the legal steps that you should take. 

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