Pedestrian Hit in Parking Lot

With the holiday season in full swing, parking lots of malls and retailers are going to be very busy as people rush to get their holiday shopping done. With the increased amount of cars in the lot and decreased patience of some drivers, it is likely that some motorists will make bad decisions as they attempt to steal a parking space or cut in front of someone else at an intersection.

With so many cars taking over the lot and increased foot traffic in and out of the store, drivers and pedestrians have to be extra careful that they’re paying attention to their surroundings in these lots.

If you are a pedestrian walking in a parking lot, be sure to walk at the edge of the lane and on the opposite side of the direction of traffic, just as you would when walking or running on the shoulder of a roadway.

Drivers have the responsibility of being cautious as they operate their vehicles through parking lots. Unfortunately, not all drivers are responsible while some may be using their cell phones or simply not paying attention.

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Hit by Car While Walking

If you were a pedestrian walking in a parking lot and were hit by a vehicle and suffered injury, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

The lawyers at our office have dealt with cases of pedestrian-car accidents, helping the injured pedestrian to receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries. It is wise to contact a lawyer after you have received medical care for your injuries. A lawyer will go through the accident with you, answer any questions you have regarding your injuries and legal options, and will also give a free case evaluation. You can speak to one of our lawyers by calling 800.637.8170.


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