Parents of Teen Drivers MUST Know these Facts!

A Bedford teen collided with a garbage truck on Wednesday morning and has now died from his injuries from the accident. Colton Durbin, a member of the Bedford football team, was on Samaria Rd. west of Secor Rd. when he struck the rear of a garbage truck that was stopped in the eastbound lane.

Durbin was taken via life flight to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Hospital for his injuries. According to his mother’s Facebook page updates, he underwent three surgeries to repair his aorta, but unfortunately he was taken off of life support at 12:30 pm Thursday.

Our office is sending our thoughts and prayers to the Durbin family and the Bedford Community in general. This is a very tragic accident and a young man’s life has been taken far too soon.

Preventing Future Accidents

Since this accident has happened during Teen Driver Safety Week, our office would like to share the National Safety Council’s top 10 things that parents do not know about teen driver safety. The NSC has broken down all ten facts in their blog. The lists of facts are explained in the below blog posts:

  1. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.
  2. Inexperience is your teen driver’s worst enemy
  3. Are you afraid of dark roads?
  4. Laws are not enough

We urge all parents to read the blog posts that the National Safety Council have written. We believe that the facts that they are releasing need to be promoted in multiple channels in order to reach as many parents as possible.

One fact that we thought was very important for parents was that teens crash most often because they are inexperienced – not because they necessarily take more risks. This portion of the NSC series explains that yes, teen drivers speed, but drivers of all ages are guilty of this. Yes, teen drivers use cell phones but teens have been crashing for years – long before cell phones were a common necessity.

Experience helps drivers to recognize and react to hazards on the roadway. This includes driving in inclement weather, driving at night, and driving in traffic. Skills for navigating the roadway with ease come with experience behind the wheel, something that teens don’t have much of yet. This is why it is so imperative for parents to help their teens as they learn.

Charles Boyk
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