Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has spoken about the salads that were sold to Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants. The lettuce was found to be contaminated, with the cause of it being from a Mexican vegetable processing plant which produced the bagged lettuce.

In Iowa, officials have announced that the bagged mixed salad is believed to have been the cause of the outbreak of cyclospora infections. The cyclospora infection can cause sickness with diarrhea lasting several weeks. The sasad mix came from Taylor Farms de Mexico, associated with Taylor Farms in California, which ships the products nationwide. The company has been cooperating with investigations.

It is unsure how many states have been affected by this outbreak, but the two documented states so far are Iowa and Nebraska.

It can be difficult to diagnose cyclospora because the symptoms can be associated with other illnesses. A special test is needed for a specific diagnoses. The symptoms of it are vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Cyclospora is a one celled parasite. Many people become sick with cyclospora infection after ingesting tainted fresh produce.

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