Ohio Man Killed in Golf Car Crash

A Wooster, Ohio golf cart crash early Saturday morning resulted in the death of one and injury to two others.

A report by 13abc states that 42-year-old Craig Franks was driving the golf care with two passengers in the early morning hours. Ohio State Highway Patrol said that the golf cart driving westbound down a road when it went left of center and off the road. According to the 13abc report, the cart went over an embankment and then overturned. All three people were thrown from the golf cart.

One of the passengers on the golf cart, Robert Moore, was found dead at the scene of the accident. There was also a female passenger that was transported to the hospital with the driver of the golf cart with injuries that were reported as non-serious.

Alcohol did play a factor in this fatal golf cart accident, along with unsafe speed. The driver also failed to control the golf cart, all three playing a role in the accident.

Our office’s thoughts are with the Moore family as they mourn the loss of their loved one. We also wish the others involved in this accident a speedy recovery for the injuries that they’ve sustained.

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Family Member Killed in Golf Cart Accident

While you may not hear about golf cart accidents as often as others, they do happen and the victims are able to seek legal claims similar to a car accident. Our personal injury office is familiar with golf cart accidents and the legal options that are available to those involved.

In the case of the golf cart accident that occurred in Wooster, Ohio, we would advise the family of Robert Moore to contact a wrongful death attorney. When it comes to accidents like this, it is best to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney as it allows the family to focus on mourning their loved one. A wrongful death attorney will take care of the many legal things involved with such an accident, taking the stress off of the family and ensuring all documents and communication is taken care of.

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Wrongful Death Attorney Ohio

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