Name of Oregon Man Fatally Shot in Hunting Accident Released

Last week we highlighted a fatal hunting accident in Fulton County in which a 21-year-old man from Oregon was shot and killed in what was deemed a hunting accident. The incident occurred at State Highway 109 and County Road N.

The name of the victim of this unfortunate incident is Jacob Karamol.

Read more about the hunting accident that killed the Oregon man.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Karamol was shot once in the head. Investigators say that the young man was hunting with another man who was in a tree stand and bringing a gun to the ground.

As the man was bringing the gun to the ground, it fired three times. One of the shots hit Karamol who was then pronounced dead at the scene.

Our office’s thoughts and prayers go out to the Karamol family as they mourn the unexpected loss of their loved one. We understand how difficult and unimaginable of a situation this is for them to be dealing with.

I lost my loved one in an accident. What now?

We would advise the family of Jacob Karamol to contact a wrongful death lawyer on their son’s behalf. This accident has several factors that must be addressed and a lawyer that has experience not only in wrongful death cases, but with hunting accidents, would be able to go about the legal process most efficiently.

Contacting a lawyer for cases like this is one of the only ways to ensure a favorable settlement. Also,   when a family hires a lawyer sooner rather than later, they not only increase their chances of an easier legal process, but they also make it much easier for their lawyer to begin the investigation process while the accident is still fresh in people’s minds, including first responders, the police, and any medical professionals involved.

Three ways a lawyer will help your family in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawyers at our office are not only seasoned in the wrongful death legal space, but have also helped several hunting accident victims and their families.

If you would like to speak to a lawyer who is skilled in the area that you need, call 800.637.8170. You will not only have an opportunity to review your loved one’s accident, but you can also ask any questions that you may have, as well as receive a free case evaluation. We also recommend ordering a free copy of The Ohio Wrongful Death Book as it has information that will help you and your family members throughout the legal process.


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