Multi-Vehicle Wrong-Way Crash on Northbound I-75

There was a wrong-way crash on Wednesday night at the Ottawa River Road exit on northbound I-75.

Wednesday night at around 11 pm, crews were in the scene of the accident cleaning up the debris left behind. The accident happened at around 9:15 on Wednesday.

One officer on the scene of the accident told 13 ABC that five vehicles, including two semis, were involved in the accident. One of the vehicles, an SUV, was going the wrong way on I-75.

It is likely that the SUV got on the Alexis Road ramp and began going southbound in the northbound lanes. The SUV then careened off of several vehicles, ran one van off of the roadway into the guardrail, and collided with the semi head on.  

The driver of the SUV was taken to Mercy St. Vincent’s Medical Center with head injuries. Other individuals involved in the accident were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Northbound I-75 remained closed between Ottawa River Road and Alexis Road following the accident as police cleaned up the scene.

Our thoughts go out to those injured in this accident.

Wrong Way Accident in Toledo

This is not the first wrong-way crash to enter the news. Last year at this time it seemed as though wrong-way crashes were becoming an epidemic in the area.

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Our office has a personal connection to wrong-way accidents. In 2011, we closed a case in which a man was injured in a wrong-way accident two years before. He suffered several injuries and endured numerous doctor visits, tests, and procedures because of the accident.

Read more about the wrong-way accident our lawyers handled.

We would advise those who were injured in the wrong-way accident on northbound I-75 to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. While we do not know much about the injuries that were sustained, we believe that the best thing that accident victims can do is to get the professional opinion of a lawyer.

Call our lawyers at 800.637.8170 to discuss the vehicle accident you were involved in, ask any questions that you may have about the accident or your injuries, and receive a free case evaluation. We also recommend that anyone who has been injured in a vehicle accident requests a copy of The Ohio Accident Book which can serve as a guide throughout the legal process. 

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