Get the facts about motorcycle accidents

Do you know the risks of riding different types of motorcycles? A study performed by the University of Southern California about motorcycle accidents has revealed some well-known truths but also a few little-known facts about the wrecks that have taken the lives of thousandsd of riders. Here are some of those facts:

- Motorcycles equipped with fairings and windshields are under represented in accidents, most likely because of the contribution to conspicuity and the association with more experienced and trained riders.

- Motorcycle riders in these accidents were significantly without motorcycle license, without any license, or with license revoked.

- Motorcycle modifications such as those associated with the semi-chopper or cafe racer are definitely over represented in accidents.

- The likelihood of injury is extremely high in these motorcycle accidents-98% of the multiple vehicle collisions and 96% of the single vehicle accidents resulted in some kind of injury to the motorcycle rider; 45% resulted in more than a minor injury.

- Half of the injuries to the somatic regions were to the ankle-foot, lower leg, knee, and thigh-upper leg.


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