Serious Motorcycle Accident Caught on Camera

A very dramatic and serious motorcycle crash was caught on camera, and the motorcyclist who survived the crash is hoping that the footage will help others see the importance of being more careful on the road.

The video of the motorcycle accident was posted on May 9. It included footage of the motorcycle accident that occurred in Missouri at an intersection.

According to officers who commented on the accident, if the motorcyclist hadn’t been wearing his helmet, he may not be alive at this time. The motorcyclist is 20-year-old Britt Hamilton and it is amazing that he was able to walk away from the motorcycle crash.

“I hit, and then went numb for a second. Then I started to feel pain,” Hamilton told the reporters after the accident. The effects that he has experienced include a swollen wrist, injured lip, and a knot on his leg. It is very surprising that he did not suffer more serious injuries from the accident, such as a broken bone or worse.

After the motorcycle accident, Hamilton was taken to the hospital. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet, protecting him from suffering serious injuries as a result of the impact of the vehicle and the motorcycle.

According to a report on Toledo News Now, Hamilton said that he hopes that the video of the crash will remind other drivers to keep an eye out for motorcycles. This statement falls in line with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Share the Road campaign that our office has been promoting throughout this month.

You can view the video of the motorcycle accident below. As you can see, the driver of the SUV failed to see the motorcycle, causing a failure to yield accident.


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