The Toledo injury attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices have seen nearly every type of accident case under the sun, but some cases are real stinkers, literally.  

In a recent case, 47-year-old Franklin Santana confronted 27-year-old Tyrik Harris after Harris' Chihuahua “used the bathroom” in his yard. According to reports from law enforcement officials, Harris was carrying a gun. When the argument turned physical, there was a struggle and gun shots were fired, ultimately killing Santana. He was shot at least three times in the head and neck.

Although police are calling the incident a "senseless tragedy" and Harris has been charged with murder and currently sits behind bars, tragic situations such as these can leave the victim's family in a haze of personal pain, as well as legal and financial overhaul. That's why anytime one is involved in an accident that results in a fatality, it is essential for the vicitm's family to contact an experienced Ohio wrongful death lawyer immediately. Not only can skilled legal counsel help the family navigate the complex legal and insurance claim process, they can provide answers to  immediate questions helping to put their mind's at ease during a very difficult time. If your loved one was wrongfully killed by a third-party in any type of accident, don't hesitate to contact an attorney today!

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