Is Bigen Dangerous?

Bigen hair products – referred to as gentle for the hair and a good option for coloring – have since caused serious reactions to multiple users of the product. The reactions that are experienced span from hair loss to serious reactions that cause swelling of the scalp.

Bigen Injuries

Bigen Hair Products have caused several allergic reactions. Those included are listed below:

  • Loss of hair from Bigen
  • Swelling of scalp from Bigen
  • Chemical burns from Bigen
  • Scarring from Bigen
  • Restriction to the airway as a result of Bigen

While Bigen has been marketed as a safe option for hair dying, it has proven to cause serious reactions. The Bigen injury attorneys at our office advise people to think twice before using this hair dye on themselves, whether for the temporary or permanent use.

Learn more about the allergic reactions to Bigen

The permanent form of Bigen comes in a powder. Users add water to activate the product, which seems like a simple alternative when dying hair, but instead has caused many people the serious reactions that are listed above.

Reactions from Bigen

Some people have reacted to Bigen after using it before. The initial reactions to this hair dye can occur hours after using it, or even 48 hours after. It depends on the individual, but some of the symptoms are itching and swelling, hair loss, pain, and other things that can eventually lead to hospitalization for some.

Our recommendation to anyone who has used this product and suffered any of the reactions listed above is to contact an attorney. These reactions are serious and no one should suffer them for simply wanting to dye their hair.

Bigen causes serious reactions

The attorneys at our law office have helped countless Bigen users to seek justice after suffering injury from using Bigen. To reach an attorney to speak about your personal experience with Bigen, call 800.637.8170. You can have a direct conversation with an attorney, explain your situation, and ask any questions that you have related to your legal options. You will then receive legal guidance from our attorneys so you can have the best possible outcome for this unfortunate situation.


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