How to tell if your child was strapped down at Small Smiles

In light of the Small Smiles investigation, our attorneys have been approached by parents with concerns that their children are victims of abuse while patients at the dental centers.

They are afraid that their children were strapped down, or papoosed, and forced to undergo dental treatments which were unnecessary. But since many parents are not allowed in the back during those procedures, they are unsure whether or not their kids were treated wrongly.

When the parents ask their kids what happened, some children do not remember, since, in some cases, it has been a few years since Small Smiles was found guilty of the abuse. Other children were treated so badly that they blocked out all memory of the traumatic experiences.

So how is a parent to know what really went on? The only true way is to order the dental records from Small Smiles and see whether or not papoosing was noted on the file. There have been reports of the Small Smiles dentist fabricating or omitting information on the dental records, but this should not discourage parents from ordering the records and finding out for themselves.

Another good way to find out exactly what happened is to sit down with your child and have a conversation about it. Approach the conversation with caution and make sure your child knows that he or she is not in any type of trouble or that there is anything to be ashamed of. Sometimes having a general conversation and then offhandedly bringing up the subject works just as well.

You can ask questions like:

  • Do you remember going to Small Smiles?
  • Do you know what a dentist does?
  • Can you ever remember a time when you were scared?
  • Has there ever been a time when you were away from mommy or daddy?
  • Do you remember how you got that cap/filling/crown in your mouth?
  • Has there ever been a time when you were held down or strapped down?

As long as the child knows that he or she can answer these questions comfortably and without any judgment or punishment, they may answer the questions or remember some of the experiences they went through.

The attorneys at Charles Boyk Law Offices have worked with many families who are dealing with the aftermath of Small Smiles child abuse and we would be happy to help you. If you need help getting through to your child or getting to the bottom of what really went on while your child, contact us immediately by calling 888.888.2110. You can also order your free copy of our book, Small Smiles, Big Injuries: A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Small Smiles Abuse. Call or click today to schedule your complimentary case evaluation.

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