How to order your child’s Small Smiles dental records

Discovering that your child may have been a victim of Small Smiles abuse can be devastating. Not only are you dealing with emotions of anger and confusion, you are most likely wondering how in fact you can prove what went on. This can be especially hard if you were not allowed in the back room during your child's treatment, which is very common among Small Smiles dental center patients' parents.

As we discussed in earlier blogs, it is very important for parent to obtain their child's dental records to get an idea of exactly what happened to their child. In order to obtain the proper medical records, parents need to do the following:

1. Find out exactly where the records are located. Sometimes it is not that easy to do if that particular Small Smiles where your child with the patient is no longer in operation.

2. If the Small Smiles clinic is no longer open, a parent must determine who has the records. Since it is required by law that medical and dental providers see if patient records for a minimum number of years in many states, the records must still exist somewhere.

3. Determine the exact date that your child was a patient.

4. Obtain an authorization that gives Small Smiles permission to release your child's dental records to you. The authorization usually needs to be HIPPA, in the same way that medical records authorizations need to be.

5. Follow up on the status of the records request if you have not received them within three weeks. This often means pinpointing the exact person who worked on your request and finding out what their timeframe is and how many other children they must produce records for.

6. Enlist the help of a neutral pediatric dental expert to review the records and determine whether or not the treatment your child received was necessary.

The Small Smiles child-abuse attorneys in our office understand that these steps can be very difficult for parents, especially when they are trying to balance work, school, homework and putting food on the table.

That is why we offer this service to our Small Smiles clients at no cost. We can order the records on your child’s behalf and complete the remaining steps to help you determine whether or not your child may have a claim against Small Smiles. To learn how we can help you, call toll-free, 888.888.2110, or fill out the online contact form to the right. Call or click today.

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