Who: Morgan Duris, Sylvania Northview student

What: Fatal Ohio car accident

When: 7:00am, January 21, 2010

Where: Erie St. and Apple Meadow Dr., Sylvania, Ohio

Morgan Duris, a Sylvania Northview student, lost her life this morning after being struck by an SUV while crossing the street, according to the Toledo Blade. The Sylvania fatal car accident happened at 7:00am as she was attempting to get on the school bus.

While the driver of the SUV has been identified, the Blade reports that the woman driving the SUV has been cooperating with authorities. 

Our Sylvania, Ohio wrongful death lawyers want this tragic fatal car accident to be a reminder to all drivers to be extra careful while driving in the morning, afternoon, and any other time that there may be more student pedestrians outside. Here are some tips to stay safe, and to keep pedestrian students safe:

1.) Always mind the speed limit.

2.) Slow down and be extra cautious at intersections.

3.) Never, under any circumstances, text while driving.

4.) Be on the lookout for school crossings, including school crossing guards.


If you or someone you know has lost a loved one in a tragic Ohio pedestrian car accident, you need information. Call our office toll free at 800.637.8170 to order your free copy of The Ohio Wrongful Death Book today.

Im sorry for the lost of the family of that victim. Hoping those responsible persons shall be acted upon with due process.
by Car Accident August 16, 2011 at 11:47 PM
Lately, as I drive my children to school, I have noticed that the patience level of drivers has decreased. More people are beeping at each other to move out of the way and even in the school parking lot, cars are not stopping to let students pass. My advice is if it's so important that you get somewhere on time, leave 10 minutes earlier so you won't have to rush. 5-10 minutes could save a life.
by Carol M. January 21, 2010 at 11:15 AM
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