Drifting Snow Causes Crashes in Toledo Area

Saturday’s wind led to snow drifts and near whiteout conditions throughout the day. The weather even resulted in 2,000 customers losing their power on Saturday afternoon!

The weather caused several accidents on Toledo area roadways throughout the day, according to WTOL News. The icy roads and winds with drifting snow caused motorists trouble.

Several things occurred as a result of the extreme weather. One of those was that the traffic signals were failing at 24 and Michigan, causing the Maumee Police to advise drivers of the hazard.

Read tips for driving in drifting and blowing snow.

There was also an accident on the Ohio Turnpike that led to the westbound lanes being shut down at mile market 116. The Ohio State Highway Patrol was on the scene of the accident late this morning. It was reported that there were multiple vehicles involved in the Ohio Turnpike crash with reported injuries. Our thoughts are with those who were injured in this winter weather accident.

Other road closures were caused on Saturday due to accidents, including I-75 northbound in Wood County, as well as U.S. 23/I-475 southbound. There was a jack-knifed semi on U.S. 23/I-475, but thankfully there were no injuries reported in the accident.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol in Bowling Green also advised drivers this morning that they should avoid I-75. There were reports of numerous vehicles sliding on the road that was covered in snow and ice.

Injured in Icy and Snowy Road Accident

The weather our area has been experiencing the past few weeks is certainly extreme. Throughout this arctic blast, our office has been informing readers of how important it is to drive with caution, according to the conditions of the roadway. After all, if you lose control of your vehicle on an icy roadway and cause an accident, it would be deemed your fault, not Mother Nature’s.

We would advise anyone who has been injured in an accident caused by someone else during the winter weather to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys are available to take calls at any time and help you to become informed of your legal options. 

We invite you to call our office at 800.637.8170.  You will have the opportunity to speak directly with an attorney, explain your accident and the injuries that were sustained, and ask any questions that you have regarding your options. We would also give a free case evaluation over the phone so you can know the exact steps that you should take next.

Call our office today and let us help you. We also advise that you order a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book which contains valuable legal information regarding vehicle accidents. You can request a copy over the phone or order directly from our website.  

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