Dog Bite Attacks in Ohio

Each day there are approximately 1,000 people that require treatment for a dog bite. A study shared by shows that molosser dogs are among the most dangerous breed and are responsible for a great majority of dog bite attacks.

The Molosser breed of dogs includes pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canaries, cane corsos, mastiffs, dogo argentines, and fila brasieros. These breeds are responsible for 79-percent of dog attacks that result in harm to the body, and 69-percent of attacks that result in fatality.

Pit bulls are the Molosser dogs that cause most of the attacks. They have been found to attack both adults and children at the same frequency and they can maim or kill someone if the attack occurs when the dog is particularly agitated.

Pit bulls account for only 4.4% of the population, yet between 1982 and 2012, they’ve caused bodily harm to 2,235 individuals, maimed 1,268 victims, and caused 233 deaths.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a dog bite attack with a Molosser dog, call our Ohio dog bite attorneys at 800.637.8170. We have seen the tragic results from dog bites, and we want to help the victims of these attacks get past the trauma it causes them. Our attorneys will review your case over the phone and begin working on your behalf and helping you receives the compensation that you deserve.

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