Many insurance carriers are beginning to make a revolutionary shift in the way that they price car insurance. Although many insurers see this as a great opportunity to apply technology to their dealings with customers, there are many consumers who feel like it is an encroachment on their privacy and they do not like it very much.

So, what are the insurance companies using? The idea is for them to use a small telematic device that plugs into a car's diagnostic port and analyze data on the driver's behavior. The program is a voluntary one and helps drivers qualify for discounts. Insurers say that in general, those who fall short are not charged higher rates, but just do not get the discount.

Many people have no interest in the device as they feel like they are being monitored too closely, while others welcome the device as a way to get discounts off their insurance prices. The device monitors speed, miles driven, time of day, accelration, deceleration, how hard turns are taken. What is not monitored is seat belt usage, exact location of car and speed relative to psoted speed limit.

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