Depuy Recalls Lower Leg Implant

Depuy Orthopedics has recalled the LPS Intercalary Dovetail Joint Implant due to a risk of the device fracturing after implantation. A letter that was sent to distributors, hospital and surgeons last month asked them to stop using the device immediately.

The Depuy LPS Intercalary Dovetail Joint implant could fracture when exposed to the normal physiologic loads of walking.

A Depuy spokeswoman said that the recalled LPS implant is part of a system that is used to reconstruct severe soft tissue and bone defects that are found in the thighbone. A portion of the recalled joint implant can possibly break, leading to instability of the thighbone in the patient, or an inability to place weight on the leg.

At this time, Depuy has received seven complaints of the device fracturing. There have been approximately 96 implants distributed so far.

There is a higher risk for implant breakage in heavier patients and during activities such as walking and climbing stairs.

If you have received the LPS Intercalary Dovetail Joint Implant and have suffered pain as a result of the implant fracturing, call our Ohio products liability claims attorneys at 800.637.8170. Our legal team can help you receive compensation for the pain and inconvenience that this recalled implant has brought you.

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