December's Cases of Interest

Young man cut off on expressway entrance ramp slams into concrete pillar, severely injuring stomach (Andrew Snyder)

Our client lost control of his vehicle after being struck by another driver, which caused him to strike a concrete pillar and total his car. As a result of the accident, our client’s bladder ruptured he needed emergency surgery and 15 staples to repair the damage. Our client spent nine days in the hospital after the accident and was admitted for an additional three days a week later for complications. He is still undergoing physical therapy to treat injuries to his neck and back, and is still facing complications from the bladder rupture.  


Seemingly minor rear-end accident turns serious after brain bleed is discovered (Charles Seel)

After speaking with a potential client over the phone and listening to his symptoms resulting from a rear-end car accident, Attorney Mike Bruno suggested that the gentleman seek immediate medical attention. The man took Mr. Bruno’s advice and went to a local hospital where a CT scan revealed a brain bleed. He was rushed a hospital more equipped to handle the injury and was admitted for two days. The man became our client and is still dealing with doctor follow-ups and additional CT scans to treat his on-going headaches and is he still unable to work 12 weeks after the accident.


Semi-truck side-swipes client’s truck, pushing him into guardrail and dragging his vehicle (Stephen Haynes)

Our client’s truck was side-swiped with such force by a semi-truck that the accident totaled our client’s vehicle and fractured three of his vertebrae and caused facial bruising. He was admitted to a trauma hospital’s ICU, after being transported there from a local hospital not equipped to handle his injuries. He is still treating with an orthopaedic specialist to rule out the need for surgery, and our client was not allowed to bend his back or lift heavy objects, causing him to miss work for eight weeks and making it difficult for him to deal with the pain of the fractures.


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