Cases Of Interest for December 2014

Worker is hospitalized and undergoes surgery after falling through roof onto concrete 30 ft. below

Since our client was never provided with government-mandated fall protection, there was no way to prevent him from falling through a roof and onto the concrete 30 feet below. He sustained multiple injuries, including several fractures to his left arm and hand, and he broke his back in three places. Surgery and more than a week in the hospital were required to treat his injuries, including the implant of four pieces of permanent hardware in his wrist.


Car accident leaves young passenger with four fractures in leg, unable to work for over six months

A young man was off of work for more than six months after a car accident left him with four fractures in his femur. Our client was immediately transported via life-flight to a local hospital where he underwent surgery and stayed for over a week. He was transported to a nursing home for inpatient rehab for two weeks before being discharged to continue outpatient rehab.


Company fails to move equipment properly, traps our client underneath, causing multiple fractures

When the use of a forklift was no longer an option, a rigging company resorted to using improper techniques to move an autoloader, causing an accident that trapped our client underneath the massive machine. Our client was forced to undergo two surgeries to repair a fracture in his right femur and multiple fractures to his pelvis, and he is still facing months of physical therapy. 

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