The Boyk Bulletin's Cases of Interest: October 2013

Our firm works on several cases each and every month, doing everything in our power to help individuals like you get past their legal problems and recovery from injuries. This month we posted three cases of interest in our newsletter that we think are worth talking about. Read below to see the extraordinary people we have represented recently.

Man passes away while heroically trying to save drowning 5-year-old boy from icy pond

Our client was driving past a pond at an apartment complex when he saw a 5-year-old boy break through the ice and fall into the cold and dangerous water. Our client heroically jumped in the pond and attempted to save the boy’s life. Unfortunately, our client passed away that day and the boy passed away three days later. The issue with this case was that the same pond had numerous deaths prior to this accident, yet the apartment complex took no steps to protect the resident children.

Woman struck by girl who was on her way to get her driver’s license

Our client went through months of physical therapy for her injuries after being struck by an unlicensed driver. The young girl driving without a license pulled into traffic, causing our client numerous injuries, including knee pain, hip contusions, lower back pain, and dental problems. Our client may need to undergo surgery in the near future for her injuries sustained in the accident.

4-year-old permanently loses arm function after surgeon ignores infection after surgery

A young client underwent surgery to set his broken left arm, but he developed a serious infection throughout that required multiple additional surgeries and a regimen of intravenous antibiotics. The surgeon involved in this case failed to monitor and properly treat our young client and did not accept assistance from the hospital’s Infectious Disease department. The mistakes made by the surgeon led to the spread of the infection, resulting in permanent loss of mobility in our client's arm.

These above cases are only a sample of what we work on every day at our office. Our team of lawyers and experienced legal professionals enjoy helping clients who have been through very difficult situations to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We do everything in our power to help our clients, no matter what the circumstances are of their case.

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Charles Boyk
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