Office drops over 118 pounds in Biggest Loser contest!

Eight Boyk Law employees sweat it out for 11 weeks during our office’s Biggest Loser Challenge, resulting in a total of 118.2 pounds lost.


The winner of the contest was our Court Runner, Wade Thompson, who lost almost 9% of his body weight over the duration of the contest, which ran from the first week of October until December 19th.


Wade was one of the more fierce – but quiet – competitors, and achieved the goal of winning the contest by changing his eating habits and adopting a regular workout routine.


In a bit of a twist, attorney Wes Merillat technically beat Wade by a mere body percentage point, but refused to accept the prize money of $500 that was donated by Chuck Boyk. Instead Wes disbursed it among the top three runners up – Wade, Emily Revenaugh, and Maria DiCarlo.


Wade Thompson before (left) and after (right)

Way to go, Biggest Losers! 

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