Black Ice Takes Over Wood County, Causes Several Accidents

Wood County’s roads were treacherous on Saturday due to black ice, causing several motorists to lose control of their vehicle. Drivers on Route 25 were battling the black ice and whiteout conditions from Perrysburg to Bowling Green.

According to 13 ABC, road crews were working nonstop to prevent the black ice, but the elements were difficult to fight.

Sgt. Robert Burd of the Bowling Green Ohio State Highway Patrol explained how the tires on the vehicles cause heat and melt the snow on the road, which then results in water. But, the drifting snow and frigid cold temperatures make the water freeze instantly which then results in black ice.

One good tip that Sgt. Burd gave was that if your lane appears darker than the other lane, you are likely on black ice.

There were several vehicle accidents on Route 25 throughout Saturday, with King Road being the scene of many collisions and slide-offs. Black ice and whiteout conditions were working together to cause serious trouble for drivers.

Hit on Route 25 in Whiteout Conditions

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