A bike trail that has been in the making for over 10 years is now complete. The Oregon Bike Trail Project was introduced to council back in 1998. The trail is now one of the area's longest cycling and leisure trails, and it connects Pearson Metro Park, Oregon City Schools and Maumee Bay State Park. The trail is 8 miles long.

The cost of the trail was a total of $1.6 million that was covered mostly by state and federal dollars. City and park leaders are encouraging all to come out and ride and that it is not only a bike trail, but provides a beautiful connectivity and a social experience.

Safety is being encouraged as well while on the new bike trail. Practicing bicycle safety is crucial in order to avoid injuries and keep the path running smoothly. Below are some bicycle safety tips to help avoid injury and stay safe:

1. Wear a properly firring bicycle helmet.

2. Check your equipment before you begin.

3. Seen and be seen.

4. Control your bicycle.

5. Watch for any hazards in the road.

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