Not even NBA stars immune to bad effects of Bigen hair dye

NBA star Carlos Boozer recently told ESPN viewers all about his disasterous experiment with the hair dye Bigen.

In 2012 while playing for the Chicago Bulls, Boozer took the advice of a friend and attempted to color his hair with Bigen. Luckily for him, Carlos did not suffer any serious side-effects like the ones that the lawyers in our office have helped others obtain compensation for like:

- Severe swelling

- Itchiness and burning

- Hair falling out

- Allergic reactions that close the airways

- Hospital stays

But Carlos did have a problem with the dye not coming off of his skin. Read what he told ESPN:

“They came out with this — it’s like a hair dye, whatever, for men called Bigen. I had one guy who was like ‘yo, have you ever thought about growing your hair out?’ And I said ‘yeah I was thinking about it, until I saw some of these bald spots on my head,’ so I just cut my hair off. So he was telling me I could grow my hair out, cover it up a little bit, and make it look like I had a regular haircut. So I tried it, and he made myself look like shoe polish up there. This is like five years later and I’m still hearing about it …. I tried to shampoo that thing seven or eight times man. Listen, I went in the mirror. You get a cut, you’re thinking you’re looking a’ight, right? So I go to the mirror and think I’m gonna look fresh… and then I go to practice, right? It happened at night, so I go to the shootaround the next day and all my teammates were like ‘Booz, what did you do?!”

If you weren't so lucky after using Bigen and ended up with more serious injuries than a few laughs on the basketball court, you could be eligible for compensation for your medical bills. For a free case analysis, call us toll-free at 800.637.8170 today.


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