Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder's Link to Ovarian Cancer

There is currently a class action lawsuit being filed against Johnson & Johnson. The lawsuit surrounds the talcum powder, a part of baby powder that has caused ovarian cancer for some women who have used it.

The June 2014 edition of the JereBeasley Report highlights the class action lawsuit that has been filed against Johnson & Johnson. The law firm explains that they have been investigation and filing lawsuits on behalf of the women who have used talcum powder on their genital areas and have now been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The Beasley Allen Law firm has filed consumer class actions in California and Missouri against the company. The lawsuits allege that there is a significant increase in the risk of ovarian cancer after using the Johnson & Johnson product.

Johnson & Johnson has not properly warned the public of the risk that exists surrounding their product. However, the company continues to garner financial gains.

Talcum Powder & Ovarian Cancer

While talcum powder has been used by women for decades, there are studies that show that there is increased risk of ovarian cancer for those who use it in the genital area. The only warnings that exist on the product are those that warn users to keep it away from the eyes, avoid inhalation, and only use it externally. Nowhere does it state that it should not be used on the genital region.

The company advises women to use the product on a daily basis and many women have followed this recommendation. Unfortunately, something that they thought was good for them has instead turned into a serious risk.

The JereBeasely Report states that Johnson & Johnson has known since at least 1982 of studies that show women who used talcum powder on the genital area had a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Daniel Cramer, M.D. Sc.D. of Harvard, authored a study and contacted Johnson & Johnson in 1982, advising that the company add a warning label to the bottle.

At this time, there is only one personal injury case that has gone to trial. It was found by the jury that the talcum powder caused the ovarian cancer of Deane Berg and there was a failure to warn of the risk of contracting the cancer.

The Beasley Allen law firm is working with lawyers from Jackson, Mississippi to bring attention to this hazard. Our law firms wants to join in the cause by helping to spread awareness of talcum powder’s relation to ovarian cancer. We feel that it is time for companies to stop enjoying financial gain from products that put consumers at risk.

For more information, or to speak to a personal injury attorney about this subject, call 800.637.8170.

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