Attorney Charles Boyk Supports Political Candidates

Attorney Charles Boyk wrote an open letter in the November Boyk Bulletin regarding the political candidates in the area that he is supporting. In this letter he describes why he is endorsing the candidates and how they can help our community.

“There are two names on the ballot that are hard to ignore, since their dedication to their communities is so strong that I can’t help but voice my support.”

Backin’ Mackin

Chuck Boyk supports Tom Mackin for Perrysburg Municipal Court Judge. He explains that Mackin’s 20-plus years of experience practicing law, sitting on the City Council since 1998, and chairing the Finance Committee for the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Government will allow him to serve the people of Perrysburg well.

“It is his demeanor and genuine care for the citizens that make him better for the job than anyone else.”

Mayor Mike Bell

Chuck Boyk also believes that Mayor Mike Mell is extremely dedicated to this town. While many people have a vision for the City of Toledo, Mike Bell has proactively worked domestically and internationally to fulfill the visions he has and to bring jobs back to Toledo.

“He is not afraid to make tough decisions and to take responsibility for those tough decisions. Mike Bell is the same person on TV that he is talking to individuals on the street, which is why he would be my choice for Mayor.”

Chuck’s Personal Experience

Chuck has been on the opposite side of cases involving both the candidates he is supporting. He has gone up against Attorney Mackin when he was opposing counsel on different claims handled on behalf of clients. Chuck has also represented people battling issues involving the City of Toledo that May Mike Bell currently leads.

“Despite our differences in opinion, both have acted with extreme dignity and I admire their candor and hard work, which is why I give my full endorsement to Tom Mackin for Perrsyburg Municipal Court Jude and to Mike Bell for Mayor of the City of Toledo.

To read the full open letter written by Chuck, visit the online version of the November 2013 Issue of the Boyk Bulletin.

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